TV Azteca could stop broadcasting football

TV Azteca faced rising costs and low advertising demand during last quarter 2018, which impacted its profitability That is the reason why the company is analyzing whether it maintains its football matches broadcasting business in its future plans.

‘Higher costs are significantly related to football teams broadcasts, which affected our EBITDA (consolidated net profit before taxes and depreciations), so that, when football broadcasting rights ends up it exhibition, we will evaluate our convenience of having them’, explained Benjamin Salinas, TV Azteca General Director.

Mexican company costs increasement results from higher quality programs production efforts, which strengthen its media market perspective and also, according to TV Azteca, also football matches broadcasting costs.

In relation to this, Benjamin Salinas expressed that ‘in terms of content generation, during the period substantially strengthened our successful formats solid production, with an emphasis on live entertainment, and which attracts increasing audiences, what was reflected into an excellent position in Mexican pay TV market’.