Turner refuses to assign Argentine Professional Football League’s matches broadcasts on FTA TV

As recently reported on several specialized websites in Argentina, leaders of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) -football regulator in Argentina-, the country’s Government, Turner and Disney met this week and finally failed to reach an agreement so that the Argentine FTA TV channel ‘TV Publica0 can broadcast matches of the country’s Professional Football League on FTA TV.

According to sources linked to the specialized website Infobae, Disney has accepted the initiative to televise matches of the competition on TV Publica, but Turner ‘claimed as a condition for the initiative that an increase in the ‘Football Pack’ subscription (currently valued at AR$ 831 (USD 9) per month); or any compensation is established, such as the extension of the term of the current agreement’. According to information reported by ‘El Cronista’, Turner would have demanded to extend its agreement to broadcast Argentine football ‘for at least three more years’. The Government’s intentions, in case the negotiations were successful, was to start broadcasting competition matches as of this Friday, February 19th, when the second fixture date of the tournament begins.

During the first days of January, Disney extended its agreement with AFA to broadcast Argentine football matches until 2030. Currently, broadcasts are being done between the Fox Sports Premium and TNT Sports premium channels, available for pay TV operators customers that  hire the ‘Football Pack’.

Days ago, the web version of the Argentine newspaper La Nacion and other specialized websites in Argentina reported that the Government of that country had made a formal request to TNT Sports and Fox to broadcast matches of the Professional Football League on the FTA TV channel ´TV Publica’.