Turner outsources production in Brazil with Casablanca

Turner reached an agreement with Brazilian company Casablanca to outsource production in Brazil. Contract establishes business from San Pablo to produce Brazilian programs that were made directly by Turner, nationalizes content generated abroad and operate sports broadcasts before Brazilian League beginning, scheduled for April. Association also consider that Turner facilities in San Pablo will be operated by Casablanca.  

In an official statement, Turner reported that the agreement with Casablanca intends to ‘develop production activities for its portfolio’s channels. These measures are part of the group’s restructuring process, which started since Warner Media acquisition (previously Time Warner) by AT&T.

As part of the process, Turner’s main production poles were focused on Chile and Argentina, where the company manages football rights. In Brazil, Turner eliminated its own channel Esporte Interativo and started to broadcast its sports programs in TNT and Space, which now has a proposal to become ‘super stations’. Partnership with Casablanca will help to keep that profile with local production.