Tribes Media arrives in Mexico with three new specialized OTTs

Tribes Media, the startup that specialises in streaming services for a niche audience, arrives in Mexico with three new platforms, with a large catalogue of films, tv series, short films, podcasts and audiobooks, all orientated in specific themes. 

With the promise of “focus more on the quality and accessibility than on the quantity”, the company launched three platforms of diverse genres. 

One of them will be Glitch, a catalogue specialized in adult animated content. Another one is Myst, a platform centered in horror stories, mystery and thrillers. Lastly, it was announced the release of Selego, a service that will offer an unique selection of author cinema and indie movies. 

“Against the algorithm, the answer is an experience where what is offered to you is chosen by a living human”, said Tribes Media in an official statement that circulated last week. 

For this new project, which focuses on standing out among the average streaming services and centralising in specialised pieces selected by experts, Tribes Media also announced a direct monetization scheme, where the creators will perceive their gains directly with each view of their product.