Titan Channel is now available in Bolivia for Comteco digital subscribers

On August 12th, Bolivian Cooperativa de Telecomunicaciones de Cochabamba (Comteco) announced that the Titan Channel, specialized in contact sports and recently launched in Latin America, will be part of the TV channel’s catalog offered by the Bolivian entity. As officially reported by Comteco, the channel is now available for its digital subscribers and is broadcast in HD quality on channel 498.

Titan Channel was officially launched in June, following an agreement between the channel and the distribution company of TV channels and audiovisual content Frida Media Group, for it to join the catalog of the distribution company. The channel belongs to the Spanish company Zafir Innova.

The agreement with Comteco is the second most important one that Titan Chanel has run in Latin America. After its launch in the region, it agreed with Millicom to be distributed to all the company’s operations in the region, which includes Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama and Nicaragua. In addition, according to the specialized website TAVI Latam, Frida Media also reported that it was integrating the channel in some independent systems in Bolivia and Peru.