Tigo Une to expand to other 26 Colombian locations

Mauricio Ramos, CEO of Millicom in Colombia -where the company operates under the Tigo brand-, gave details about the investment that the company is making in the country and explained that it has stopped being a regional operator to deploy a project at a national level, which is already present in more than 1 million homes in the markets per year and is expected to  be expanded to other 26 locations.

The executive also stressed that, although he prevents a positive future for Colombia, to his view, at present it is difficult to invest in telecommunications in the country. ‘We are concerned that the industry for 5G is not viable at present,’ he said.

Ramos also referred to Colombian disadvantages on expanding licenses to build telecommunication networks. ‘Building networks takes five-year periods. Long-term plans are made and Colombia is stubborn about having a 10-year licensing mechanism, an absurd investment period if we are talking about the US, where licenses are limited and automatically renewed if conditions are met, or in Chile, where they are given for 30 years’, he explained.

As part of the coaxial fiber optic  investment, Ramos expressed that in 2015 the company recorded 3 million households with broadband availability, and it went up to 5 million in 2018.