Tigo Une launches new platform with linear TV, OTT services


Colombian pay TV operator Tigo Une launched its new One TV platform, which combines in a single interface linear TV with streaming services like Crackle, FOX and YouTube, in addition to other video on demand offers. In October, One TV will also add the HBO app.

Tigo One TV uses Tivo technology to integrate content from more than 15 providers from 8 countries and offer a service that is presented as “the new way of watching television for Colombians,” the company said in a statement. The platform was developed by local talent, through a team of 70 people, and can be implemented in the rest of the countries of Latin America where Millicom operates.

Users can access the content through the set-top box and can pause the program, move to another location and continue viewing it on mobile phones or other device. In addition, the platform has an intelligent recording system with capacity to store up to 100 movies or series and Big Data system that adapts to the tastes of each user to offer recommendations.

The new service is available in combination with Tigo Une’s Trio and Duo convergent packages. According to La República daily, the system offers three types of experiences. The most basic, for CO$135,000 (USD 46) includes 10MB of Internet connection. The most advanced, for CO$ 345,000 (USD 118), includes 50 MB.

Tigo Une’s president, Marcelo Cataldo, said that for users, the most important is the content, not the distribution platform. “The consumer does not care if the movie or series comes from an international channel, an Internet content provider, a subscription channel or YouTube, they just want to what it with good quality and at any time”.