Tigo to launch ONEtv in Paraguay

Tigo (Millicom) launched the OTT ONEtv in Paraguay, which includes more than 190 live TV channels, HD content and the possibility of renting movies, with approximately 400 free titles. Watchers can also pause programming, and record content to access it at the time they consider it.

‘ONEtv puts together digital content platforms together with linear TV ones with a single remote control, and includes the possibility of accessing YouTube, Fox and HBO content’, added Paul Gastón, Tigo’s Mass Consumption Director. The company informed that access to Fox and HBO will be available with the activation of Premium HBO Max and/or Fox Premium packages.

The OTT can be hired in Paraguay through two plans: the first is ONEtv Lite, which includes more than 170 channels, integrated search engine, interest search engine, personalized recommender, parental control and YouTube and VOD content access. The offer also covers 30 HD channels and 80 Mbps Internet Home , and will have a monthly cost of USD 69. The second option is the ONEtv Full plan, which offers more than 190 channels, recording up to three of them simultaneously, pausing live programming, integrated search engine and by interests, personalized recommender, parental control, YouTube and VOD content access and 120 Mbps Internet Home, in addition to 61 HD channels. The cost is USD 80.5.

Tigo’s new launching will be available first in Asunción, and will reach the other cities by the end of March. Coverage area includes Areguá, Benjamín Aceval, Cambyretá, Capiatá, Ciudad del Este, Encarnación, Fernando de La Mora, Guarambaré, Hernandarias, Ita, Itauguá, Lambaré, Limpio, Luque, MR Alonso, Ñemby, Presidente Franco, San Antonio, San Bernardino, San Lorenzo, Villa Elisa, Villa Hayes, Villeta, Yaguarón, Ypacaraí and Ypané. ONEtv is in use in other Latin American countries, such as Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala.