Tigo Sports allies with LaLiga Tech to stop piracy in transmissions

LaLiga Tech Content Protection, a LaLiga subsidiary that works to eliminate illegal content on the Internet, signed with the sports channel Tigo Sports Costa Rica to ensure the technological protection of its live broadcasts and other content. Through an artificial intelligence monitoring system, the entity tracks and identifies all possible intellectual property infringements published daily on the network.

With the aim of defending the audiovisual rights of sports clubs, which are one of its main assets, LaLiga Tech developed different tools (Marauder, Lumière, Blackhole, Neko) with which it ended up obtaining a rate of elimination of videos reported in social networks that surpassed 95%.

Julio Sosa, director of Tigo Sports, pointed out: “It is important to clarify that behind a pirated signal, there is not a person fond of technology who decides to ‘steal’ the signal of a sporting event to benefit those who cannot pay subscription to a paid service. These hackers work for groups that operate huge networks that are also engaged in other illicit activities”.