Tigo offers almost USD 50 million for Bolivian football TV broadcasting rights

According to what several specialized websites have recently reported, Millicom’s Bolivian subsidiary (which both in Bolivia and in the rest of the Latin American countries where it operates does so branded as ‘Tigo’) offered a total of USD 48.6 million for the country’s Professional Football League TV broadcasting rights between 2021 and 2024. 

In 2020, the Bolivian Football Federation (FBF) granted Sports TV Rights (STVR) the rights to broadcast local Bolivian football, but the initiative was cancelled by the entity, as reported by the website of the local newspaper ‘Los Tiempos’. In addition, Tigo’s economic offer for the rights exceeded that of STVR, valued at USD 46.5 million. This way, Tigo’s offer will be reviewed and, if there are no problems, the company could acquire Bolivian Football TV broadcasting rights, in addition to Paraguayan ones, which belong to Tigo until 2023.

According to several specialized websites, STVR did not make any offer for the new tender because it asked the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport  (TAS) to fulfill the previous tender process, by which the entity had the right to market Bolivian football for four more years.

Tigo’s offer also includes the VAR  technology (Video Assistant Referee) implementation, as long as, once the offer is reviewed and approved, Millicom’s Bolivian subsidiary finally becomes the holder of football TV rights in the country.