THR3 Media Group is working on Mexican comedian Chespirito biopic and contents

Mexican comedian Roberto Gomez Bolaños -known as ‘Chespirito’-, will have his own biopic, which will be developed by THR3 Media Group and Grupo Chespirito, the company created by the actor and his son, Roberto Gomez Fernandez. The companies said they will collaborate to produce a ‘Chespirito Media Universe’ of family-friendly TV shows feature films and other content based on Chespirito’s works, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.  

The Chespirito Media Universe will kick off with a biopic series on the man himself. ‘I keep wondering who in Latin America did not grow up watching Chespirito’s content’, said THR3 Media Group CEO, Bruce Boren. ‘The commitment to bring the universal humor that characterized Gomez Bolaños is unique, and it is a true honor that our company can co-produce content with Grupo Chespirito’, he added. 

‘It is a project that my father only imagined in dreams’, said Roberto Gomez Fernandez, who added that the Chespirito Media Universe would preserve his father’s legacy in the hearts of people for many more generations to come. ‘Having all his creations together under a production label that takes care of every detail as THR3 Media Group does at the production level, is something that would surely have fascinated him’, Gomez Fernandez ended.