Third national free-to-air network to broadcast on channel 3 in Mexico

The third national free-to-air network, which was granted to Grupo Imagen, will use the channel 3 to broadcast in Mexico, said Maria Lizárraga, head of the Media Unit and Contents of the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT).


Lizárraga informed that from October 27 the population will have to reprogram the TV sets in order that national TV channels maintain the same number across the country, Mexican media reported. This way, channels currently tuned in frequencies 2, 5, 7 and 13 in Mexico City, will have the same number in all states.


To inform and assist the population about this change, the regulator will conduct an advertising campaign entitled “Toma el control y reprograma tu tele” (Take the control and reprogram your TV).


In March 2015, IFT granted Cadenatres, owned by Grupo Imagen, with a license to operate, for a period of 20 years renewable, a national DTT network.