Theater plays get ready to return to Paraguay through Teatrix

The Paraguayan producer 3 Palos Entertainment Group announced that it is preparing to launch Teatrix Paraguay, a space for those performing arts fans to access Paraguayan plays via OTT, and for artists to monetize their presentations according to the views made in the platform. The OTT currently operates in other countries worldwide and, according to the web version of the Paraguayan newspaper ‘Ultima Hora’, it has more than 40 thousand subscribers.

‘Teatrix is ​​like Netflix, but for shows. It will be a platform for music, theater, dance and shows in general. We are going to contact producers to create a space where artists can monetize their presentations for the views they will have’, said Alejandro Barreto, Director at Tres Palos Entertainment Group. The executive also explained that Teatrix Paraguay will have a monthly subscription and, as it is internationally available (‘Ultima Hora’ reported that it operates in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Spain and other countries), it will position Paraguay in a showcase for the world. Although the value of the monthly subscription has not yet been confirmed, the Paraguayan version of the OTT is expected to be released in June.

According to ‘Ultima Hora’, Teatrix now has a more-than-160-plays-catalog, with genres that include comedy, drama, one-man plays, classical works, musicals, and others. To access the content, subscribers must register themselves at first. Access can be made using smartphones, smart TVs or tablets with internet connection. The subscription can be paid monthly, quarterly or for six months. With these plans, clients will be able to access exclusive content.