The new hybrid cloud for the next TV generation stars in the last 2020 Dataxis virtual panel

This Thursday, December 17th at 12:00 PM (ART), Dataxis will hold the last 2020 virtual panel, which will be titled ‘The new hybrid cloud for the next TV generation’. The new event will be held in Spanish, and will be sponsored by IBM. Registration is free, and can be done through this link.

Executives in charge of leading the debate will be Gaston Llahi – Systems Storage SW Sales for Spanish South America and Mexico at IBM; Luisa Fernanda Velasquez,Hybrid Cloud Sales Representative for Spanish South America at IBM; Elkin Linares, Head of Engineering and TV Product at ETB Colombia; Felipe Cors, Servers Sales Representative for Chile at IBM; and Cristian Andres Hernandez Rodriguez, Digital Media Manager at Canal 13 (Chile).

As TV companies dump an increasing percentage of their IT infrastructure in the cloud, the reaction times of certain key applications can suffer delays or interruptions that compromise the quality of the service. A traffic spike on a live broadcast or an organizational change in response to mandatory lockdown can create critical imbalances in computational load. The use of modern hybrid cloud techniques, in which the IT infrastructure is shared and automated between a private cloud and a public cloud, allows the entire TV operations to be managed more efficiently, quickly and securely.

Some of the key topics to be discussed during the panel will focus on how to accelerate the creation of native cloud applications for TV production and distribution; how to build a better big data and analytics infrastructure for TV; how to protect applications on a hybrid platform, and others. 

Nextv Series Latin America Virtual Panel is organized by Dataxis, a global company focused on detailed market research, high quality events and powerful specialized media for the telecommunications and TV markets in more than 200 countries around the world. It is headquartered in Europe, Latin America and Africa.