The exclusivity of TV and telecommunications services in Chilean buildings and condominiums is over

Two years after Chile enacted the Ley de Libre Elección (law of free choice), the regulation was published by means of which the regulation enters into force. In this way, users who live in buildings and condominiums no longer have limitations when choosing a telecommunications operator, whether it’s television, Internet or fixed telephony.

This law breaks the monopoly practiced by many telecommunications companies when tidied with construction companies to deploy their own network within buildings in exchange for exclusivity. Now, the access cameras to the properties must be shared by all the operators and, if there is no agreement between them, a mediator must define. In the case of new real estate ventures, they have to sign up in the Sub-secretariat of Telecommunications (Subtel) and then in a project registry, so that the service providers take knowledge of the work and consider the deployment of their networks. The Directorate of Municipal Works (DOM) is in charge of controlling compliance with the telecommunications technical project.

Subtel said in a statement that this law “sets a new scenario, where companies must compete to get customers, eliminating the possibility of prior agreements.” Pamela Gidi, head of the Chilean entity, told that this measure will encourage investment in the sector.