The Argentine Football Association launches its OTT

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) is launching its SVOD OTT AFA Play today, which will gather historical archives from the Argentine National Team, documentaries, sections related to female and male teams, exclusive interviews with current players and icons of the National Team, football players life stories and other exclusive contents. AFA’s OTT platform will be powered by ViewLift.

In addition, as reported by the Argentine football entity, the OTT will have a space for fans and unpublished material on football players that make up the National Team , which will only be accessed through the platform.

Leandro Petersen, Commercial and Marketing Manager at AFA, said that the new platform ‘will allow us to value the historical archive of our National Team, giving subscribers the possibility to watch the best moments in our football history and access unpublished content that can only be seen in this OTT’. 

The platform will be available on its web version and through Android iOS, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku. It will also have subtitles in English and Spanish, to reach different audiences around the world, who identify themselves with the Argentine National Team, its history and players.