Telmex could start offering pay TV in Mexico ‘in at least 30 days’

According to the information reported last Monday, June 14th in the Mexican newspaper ‘El Economista’s web version,the telecommunications company Telmex (America Movil) could start offering pay TV in the country ‘in at least 30 days’ .

The news means the strengthening of Telmex’s offer, which includes internet, telephony and, in terms of video, internet packages with Disney+ and Netflix; and the possibility of paying different OTTs subscriptions such as Disney+, Netflix, Claro Video, HBO GO, Noggin, Dish and Claro Musica, through the company’s monthly invoice.

According to ‘El Economista’, the Sindicato de Telefonistas de la Republica Mexicana (STRM) forecasts that, in at least thirty days, ‘Telmex could offer the TV service or some other video product in those locations where Grupo Televisa is agent with substantial market power in pay TV’.

Agustin Vanegas Laurrabaquio, a member of the STRM, estimated that Telmex’s fiber optic network is around 400 thousand kilometers long, enough to offer a nationwide TV offer from there. ‘This network is almost excellent to turn this service on. Telmex is technically ready to make this possible enablement in 15 days to a month, with a configuration of the connections. I do not think it will take a month to have that connection’, the executive reported.