Telmex confirms Netflix integration in Infinitum packages

Arturo Elias Ayub, of Strategic Alliances and Content Director at America Movil, and responsible for the Telmex Management, confirmed the arrival of Netflix to the company’s Infinitum packages, with offers that go from MX$ 499 (USD 25) to MX $ 1,149 (USD 59). All Telmex packages with Netflix also include different internet connection speeds according to the plan, access to Clarovideo and Clarodrive (cloud storage), the possibility of making unlimited calls to other Telmex lines and the antivirus service.

According to what Telmex officially reports on its website, it is possible to hire five plans with the integration of Netflix. The firstone costs of MX $ 499 (USD 25) per month, and, in addition to Netflix (available on a single  device in SD quality), it includes a connection speed of up to 20 megabytes, access to Clarovideo and a Telmex telephone line to make unlimited calls, apart from Clarodrive (100 GB) and antivirus provided by McAfee. The second plan has a MX $ 579 (USD 30) monthly cost, and increases the speed of internet connection to 30 megabytes, in addition to offering Netflix contents on two devices and in HD.

Telmex also enabled a third plan, which costs MX $ 639 (USD 33), and includes the Netflix offer, in addition to Claro Video, Claro Drive, unlimited calls to a Telmex line and antivirus, and raises the internet connection to 40 megabytes. In addition, it maintains access to Netflix on up to two devices and in HD. The fourth plan increases the value of the monthly subscription to MX $ 777 (USD 40), and increases the internet speed to 150 megabytes. It is also possible to make unlimited calls to up to two Telmex lines, and have up to 200 GB of cloud storage. In this plan, access to Netflix can be done on up to four devices in HD and 4K (UHD). The last plan has a monthly cost of MX$ 1,149 (USD 59), and raises the internet connection speed to 200 megabytes. It also allows Telmex clientes to make unlimited calls to up to three lines and have 300 GB of storage with Clarodrive. This last offer maintains access to Netflix on up to four devices in HD and 4K (UHD).

Elias Ayub emphasized that HBO and Fox are not part of this offer, and have another cost to be hired. Apart from that, and although it is not published on Telmex website, the executive also includes Claro Music’s offer on Netflix packages.