Televisora ​​de Costa Rica teams up with Streann to re-launch TDMas

The Televisora ​​de Costa Rica operator announced that it will re-launch its premium streaming platform TDMas thanks to Streann Media’s OTT technology, which will allow it to offer innovative interaction tools to enhance the experience offered to the audience and strengthen its relationship with itself. In addition to an extensive VOD catalogue and live sports broadcasts, the service will feature a dedicated space for content created by subscribers.

According to the company, users will also be able to receive personalized recommendations thanks to the analysis of analytical data and to participate in interactive games and surveys related to the shows while viewing them, among other novelties. In addition, TDMas offers advertisers the ability to advertise their products in segmented audience groups through the use of other sophisticated tools, guaranteeing them higher income in relation to their investment in said advertisements.

Television evolves and the proximity with the audience becomes more and more important. At TDMas we have a community that continues to grow and increasingly demands more of us”, Rene Picado Riba, CEO of TDMas, explained. “Our offer focuses on offering relevant content accompanied by a friendly experience, therefore, the flexibility and constant innovation of Streann makes them an ideal strategic partner“, he added.

Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann, announced: “The OTT is the present and the future of the direct-to-end consumer strategy. With more than 150 digital tools, TDMas now has the most interactive and innovative streaming platform in the region”.

After the announcement, the operator informed that the platform will be distributed in all streaming services and digital stores, such as: Roku, App Store, Apple TV, Play Store, Fire TV and Smart TVs.