Televisa from Mexico to withdraw its content from Netflix to favor the position of its OTT Blim


Telecommunications company Televisa from Mexico announced it will withdraw the last quarter of 2016 all of its content currently available on the US OTT Netflix and other similar platforms. The strategy is to have them exclusively on its new online Video On Demand (VOD) service Blim (


Blim’s CEO, Carlos Sandoval, told Forbes magazine in Mexico that Netflix occupies almost 40% of the local market share of this type of online subscription video services and that they claim to be their direct competitor. He also said that they seek to overcome the 20,000 hours of programming on the platform before year-end.


According to a recent report published by Dataxis, Netflix was the main OTT supplier in Latin America with a market share of 60%, followed by Claro Video (America Movil) with 25%. Both are direct competitors of Blim in Mexico, where they have more than 2 million subscribers each. Also they exhibit regional coverage and a generalist approach.


Televisa launched Blim on February 22nd for Mexico and the rest of Spanish speaking America with a monthly cost of USD 6.05. The platform focuses on Televisa’s original archive contents and 30% of the catalog is children’s programming. Soon, they will launch apps for Smart TVs, Roku and Apple TV.