Televisa will increase pay TV subscription fees due to inflation and exchange rates

Beginning in October 2016, Televisa will increase the prices for its basic pay TV packages due to the current devaluation and inflation in Mexico.


According to newspaper El Universal, Televisa subsidiaries Izzi, Cablevision, Cablemas and Telecable will adjust their prices next month.


Last Tuesday Izzi subscribers received a notification of a 4% increase to the subscription fee. Starting October 1st, the basic package will go from MX$ 321 (USD 16) to MX$ 334 (16.8). “This is the result of an inflationary adjustment and the changes to the exchange rate that impact directly on our assets”, said the company.


Since September 2015 to the date the exchange rate wen from MX$ 16.69 to MX$ 20.09, said El Universal. According to official data from the Banco de Mexico, the annual inflation for August 2016 was 2.73%