Televisa ordered to pay free-to-air retrans fees

The Federal Telecommunications Institute of Mexico (IFT), on March 2, determined that Grupo Televisa is dominant in pay TV services. This way, one of the first effects is that the company will have to start paying retransmission fees to free-to-air networks.

Mexican Telecommunications law establishes that companies declared with substantial power cannot carry FTA channels free of charge, Expansión reported. In this way, the company will have to pay for the retransmission of channels 3, 7, 40, 3, 22 and 11, among others, on its pay TV systems Izzi and Sky Mexico.

IFT’s next step is to open a proceeding to define whether it will impose measures to limit Televisa’s market power in order to increase competition.

According to IFT’s Q316 statistical report, Televisa had a 57.1% market share in the country’s pay TV market (Sky 36.8%, Cablemás 7.5%, Cablevisión 5.0%, Cablecom 2.8%, Televisión Internacional 2.5% and Cablevisión Red 2.5%), followed by Dish-MVS with 20.8% and Megacable-MCM with 14.8%.