Televisa launched its new OTT Blim focusing on original and archive content

Telecommunications company Grupo Televisa launched on February 22nd its new OTT Blim for Mexico and the rest of Spanish speaking America, in order to compete with leading American Netflix and local direct competitor Claro Video (America Movil).


The service will cost USD 6.05 per month, the same price in local currency that Netflix has in Mexico. Customers of Izzi Telecom (one of Grupo Televisa’s Pay-TV operators) will have access with a promotional price of USD 5, 48 and will receive a TV Everywhere service. The first trial month is for free.


The platform focuses on Televisa’s original and archive content. It currently has 13,000 hours of Video On Demand (VOD) and is expected to reach 20,000 by the end of 2016. 30% of the catalog will be children’s programming.


They emphasize their original series El Hotel de los secretos (The Hotel of Secrets), Yago, Burocratas (Bureaucrats), El Chivo (The Goat) and La Esquina del Diablo (The Devil’s Corner). It also has international series in Spanish, such as Isabel and Ministerio del Tiempo (Ministry of Time), both from RTVE, and in English, such as Wayward Pines (Fox) and The Crazy Ones (CBS).


Interested parties may access Blim online ( or through the free app for Android and iOS mobile devices. Soon, apps for Smart TV, Roku and Apple TV will be launched. Users may login with the same account on up to five devices but only on two simultaneously.


Grupo Televisa already has the OTT Veo, released in January 2014, which has also TV Everywhere services for customers of Pay-TV operators Izzi Telecom, Cablemas and Cablevision Mexico (all of them property of the company). So far, this platform remains online.