Televisa intervenes in the sale of Fox Sports to the Lauman Group

The Mexican entertainment company Televisa requested legal protection in the process of selling the Fox Sports México signal, owned by Disney, to the Lauman Group. In May 2021, Manuel Arroyo’s company announced the purchase, and just a month later, the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) of Mexico approved the operation.

However, it wasn’t until now that Televisa impugned against the regulatory body’s resolution, with the signatures of the following subsidiaries: Cablemás Telecomunicaciones, Cablevisión, Cablevisión Red, Televisión Internacional, T.V. Cable de Oriente, and Equipos e Insumos de Telecomunicaciones. However, the reasons that prompted the protection are not yet publicly known.

During Disney’s purchase of Fox in Mexico, one of the main conditions that the IFT had imposed on the company was the sale of the Fox Sports Mexico signal. And although the operation was established for November 1, 2019, it was not started until two years later, due to an extension that the company obtained due to the pandemic. After a series of negotiations, the Lauman Group beat the competition with an offer of USD 300 million.