Televisa to add Disney+ to Izzi’s catalog in Mexico

As reported from Televisa, Disney+, Disney’s SVOD OTT, which will be officially launched in Latin America on November 17th, will be offered as an ‘additional service’ for Izzi subscribers, with the aim of enhancing the pay TV offer available at Televisa’s operator.

During the last analyst conference due to Televisa’s Q3 quarterly results report presentation, Salvi Folch, CEO at Izzi, reported that Disney+ ‘is going to be an additional service that will be offered to the customer base in Mexico. So rather than just seeing it as a competitor, well there are ways that we can all benefit, including Disney and us, from new entrants in the market. OTTs have been seeing that we can work as a distributor of their own content. So I think that there’s great expectation, but we should see this as an opportunity to become aggregators of content’.

On the other hand, Alfonso de Angoitia, Co-CEO at Televisa Group, highlighted that they cannot report more details on the matter, since, according to his statements, ‘we have signed a confidentiality agreement with Disney. However, it is going to be important for us, and it is going to be a complimentary service for our Cable, for our izzi products’. In addition, Folch reported that they are  happy with the growth that they have experienced in terms of the use of subscriber VOD. ‘We have Blim, we have Noggin, we have Starz, we have Netflix, we have Disney’, he said.

With its arrival at Latin America, Disney + will become the exclusive platform to host films and series from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic, as well as exclusive original productions. This way, Disney+ will be the only OTT where all Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars films will be available, as confirmed by Diego Lerner, President at The Walt Disney Company Latin America, in mid-August.