Telemundo from Puerto Rico agrees content pack with Inter Medya from Turkey

Puerto Rico’s Telemundo open TV signal agreed to purchase a pack of thirteen films from the Turkish producer Inter Medya, to integrate it into a new section of its programming. Previously, the distributor and the channel had already agreed to acquire the film “Miracle in cell 7”, which was also broadcast by the station.

On August 24, the signal, which belongs to NBCUniversal, launched the cycle “Cine Telemundo Turco” to occupy the time slot that had been left free after eliminating its traditional telenovela transmission, as happened with several open TV signals in Latin America, where the original productions from Turkey gained enormous popularity and great reception from the public.

“Cine Telemundo Turco is a great opportunity for our films to meet lovers of Turkish content. We hope that many of the other films in our catalog will take place in this space and we are sure audiences will love them. It is always a pleasure to cooperate with Telemundo”, Beatriz Cea Okan, VP and leader of Sales and Acquisitions of Inter Medya, announced .