Telefónica unifies pay TV and streaming service under new brand Movistar TV in South America

Telefónica transformed its streaming platform, until now known as Movistar Play, for South America, where it not only changed its name to Movistar TV, but also merged traditional pay TV, IPTV and DTH services with its streaming offer. According to the company, the unification plan has already begun to be deployed in Chile, Argentina and Colombia, countries in which the transition of brands has already taken place.

In the case of Peru, the OTT still retains the name of Movistar Play; while in Uruguay and Ecuador, where the telco only offers streaming TV, the platform already had the title of Movistar TV. However, despite having started the transformation in three countries, the operator only announced it publicly in Chilean territory, where it currently provides its IPTV and DTH service; although the latter was discontinued for new subscribers.

“It is not only a rebrand but it is a renewed experience. This will allow customers to experience their favorite content from all devices. Also from anywhere”, Ariel Griffouliere, Home Business Development Manager for Telefónica in Chile, explained. “We seek to create a virtuous relationship with our fiber optic connectivity. This for people to enjoy to the fullest. They can also access their favorite content”, he added.