Telefonica records 1.3 million active accesses to Movistar Play in Latin America at Q4 2019

On its results report for the period January-December 2019, Telefonica reported that its video revenues were valued at € 769 million (USD 857.9 million), and experienced a growth of 6.8% year-on-year, with 9.7 million accesses. The OTT ‘Movistar Play’ recorded an 86% year-on-year growth in Latin America, where it had 1.3 million active accesses at the end of Q4 2019.

In Telefónica Hispam Sur (classification under which the company groups Argentina, Chile and Peru), the report highlights that Movistar Play recorded 887 thousand active users at the end of 2019. In Argentina, where the OTT was officially launched in March last year, got 159 thousand active users as of December. In Peru, the Movistar Total convergent offer, launched in January 2019, has 203 thousand clients, while Movistar Play ended the year with 573 thousand active accesses.

Telefónica’s report did not give figures on the performance of Movistar Play in Chile. In that country, the platform includes on its catalog access to several Chilean TV channels programming grids, such as Mega, Canal 13, Chilevision, TVN, La Red and TV+, and original Movistar networks. In addition, the OTT allows access to more than 10 thousand films and series, the Movistar original series catalog, and movie premieres in Chile. It is also possible to hire additional digital services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Estadio CDF and Fox Sports Premium.

In Hispam Norte (which includes Colombia and Mexico), Movistar Play has 410 thousand  active users at the end of Q4 2019. In Mexico, Movistar Play was launched in March last year.