Telefonica grows in OTT and IPTV and loses DTH subscribers

According to the 2018 results report presented by Telefonica, the company recorded 945 thousand OTT subscribers and had a 835 thousand clients growth in IPTV and cable TV. Totally, in addition to OTT subscribers, the company added 408 thousand net in pay TV last year.

Telefonica considers Latin American and European Movistar Play’s app customers as OTT subscribers. However, in most countries, Movistar Play is offered for free -with a freemium model- to  TV, fixed internet or postpaid mobiles customers.

Telefónica also recorded a 17 percentage point growth in FTTx /Cable in fixed broadband in Hispam (Latam excluding Brazil), where the growth went from 31% to 48%. Brazil also recorded a 6 percentage units increase: it went from 61% to 67% in 2018.

In the Latin American market, the company stood out  the launching of its pay TV offer in Argentina in October 2018, the first convergent offer in Peru in January 2019, and the availability of Netflix within its service in Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.