Telefónica grows in IPTV and FTTH and loses DTH

In its January-September 2019 results report, Telefónica reported revenues valued at €36,023 million (USD 39,882.86 million), of which Brazil accounts for 21%, followed by the Hispam Sur countries (Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay), which account for 12%, and Hispam Norte (Colombia, Mexico, Central America, Ecuador and Venezuela), with an 8%.

The company highlighted that in Brazil, where it is known as ‘Vivo’, it has accelerated its FTTH connections and deployment, which, up to now, record 10.2 million HPs. The report also mentions the company’s decision to stop offering pay TV services through DTH, to focus on the growth through IPTV. In addition, the company’s accesses in the pay-TV sector were 1,382.7 thousand during Q3, a lower number than the one recorded at the end of Q2 2019 (1,460.2 thousand) and Q1 2019 (1,521.5 thousand).

In Hispam Sur, revenues amounted to USD 1583.2 million in Q3 2019, with special growth in Peru ‘after two and a half years’, together with and the acceleration of broadband revenues in Chile. in Argentina, there were 130 thousand pay TV accesses during Q3. The figure is greater than the 91.6 thousand accesses recorded at the end of Q2, and the 59.2 thousand accesses of Q1, as of March this year. Movistar Play, launched in the country in March, has 142 thousand active accesses as of September.

In Peru, Telefónica emphasized the Movistar Total convergent offer, launched in January, which already has 156 thousand clients, and the OTT Movistar Play, which recorded 504 thousand active accesses up to September. In the Peruvian case, access to pay TV had it highest record at the end of Q2, with 1,581.8 thousand. In September 2019, accesses in this segment were 1,559.2 thousand, and in Q1 2019 there were 1,528.1 thousand.

In Hispam Norte, Telefónica highlighted its fiber accesses strong growth (FTTH grew 154% year-on-year), and the growth of Movistar Play, which presented 368 thousand active users as of September. Also, in Colombia, the company highlighted the access to pay-TV through IPTV, which totaled 48 thousand in September. From January to September, access to pay TV in Hispam Norte was 881.6 thousand accesses. The figure is lower than the 966.8 thousand accesses recorded at the end of Q1, and the 934.8 thousand accesses that the company had in June, at the end of Q2. In broadband, unlike the growth it had in the three quarters 2018, as of September 2019, 1,269.9 thousand accesses were recorded, compared to 1,279.2 thousand in Q2 2019, and 1,317.1 thousand in Q1 this year.