Telefónica goes to Court over Cablevisión-Telecom merger


Telefónica Argentina appeared before the Civil and Commercial Justice to challenge the resolution that approved the merger between Cablevisión and Telecom, according to Página 12.
The company went to court after receiving no response on the formal protest presented to the National Commission for the Defense of Competition (CNDC), the Commerce Secretariat and the Ministry of Production.
Although the actions remains at a national level, sources of the telecom company told Página 12 that in Spain, they are analyzing the possibility of going to the ICSID (International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes).
According to the report of the Argentine newspaper, Telefónica appeared before the Civil and Commercial Court of Appeals on Wednesday, October 24.
The CNDC and the Commerce Secretariat approved the merger between Cablevisión, the country’s main pay TV operator, and Telecom in June. Telefonica challenged the operation in July and reiterated its opposition on several occasions.
The company considers that the divestment remedies established in the resolution that approved the operation are not sufficient to remove competition concerns. The CNDC ordered Cablevisión-Telecom to return 80 MHz of spectrum and to transfer over 140,000 broadband customers in 28 locations. The company Universo Net acquired that client portfolio.
In October, Telefónica launched its pay TV service in Argentina, available through its FTTH network, initially in some areas of Buenos Aires.