Telefónica’s On Video reaches 150,000 customers in Argentina

On Video

During the conference NexTV Series South America 2017, Gustavo Castro, Marketing and Content of Telefónica’s streaming service On Video, said that the platform currently has around 150,000 customers in Argentina.

On Video was launched in early 2011, “when Netflix was not yet operating” in the region and is available for the company’s broadband subscribers. 

Castro said one of the attractions of the platform is the local content offering. “From the beginning we had agreements with (TV broadcasters) Telefe, Artear and America that allow us to integrate local TV content with national cinema.”  On Video offers both S-VOD and T-VOD models, but according to Castro “there is more consumption through the subscription service.” 

Starting in 2018, telecommunications companies are authorized to enter the pay TV market in Argentina, but only through physical link and not via DTH, which is the platform Telefónica uses for its pay TV in some Latin American countries. In this regard, Castro said during the event that they are “thinking what will be the way forward” and acknowledged that for Telefónica “video is a key business.”

 “The definition of what we are going to do is based on what we believe people are asking for,” Castro said. “We want the customer experience to be a global content experience. Our aspiration is that clients can consume all the content they want”. Castro was part of the executive panel called “OTT strategies for subscription”