Telefónica renews organizational structure, splits Latam unit into two operations


Telefónica announced a new organizational structure to “simplify and adapt it to a digital world”, the company said in a press release. In this context, Emilio Gayo will replace Luis Miguel Gilpérez as Executive Chairman of Telefónica España. The changes also include Latin America, which will now have two different units.
The company said Telefónica Hispanoamérica, until now headed by Eduardo Caride, will be split into two new units: Telefónica Hispam Sur, encompassing businesses in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay and headed by Bernardo Quinn; and Telefónica Hispam Norte, which will include operations in Colombia, México, Central America, Ecuador and Venezuela, with Alfonso Gómez Palacio as head of the unit.
According to Telefónica, these changes “seeks to allow a more effective management of different market situations”. Until now, Quinn was director of Human Resources and Gómez Palacio was CEO of Telefónica Colombia (he will be replaced by Fabián Hernández).
In Spain, the company also created the post of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and named María Jesús Almazor in the new role; until now, she was Director of Southern Spain. In addition, the areas of General Counsel and Public Affairs and Regulation will be unified, and will be headed by Pablo de Carvajal.