Telefónica Media Networks to manage ad sales of Peruvian soccer channel

Telefonica Media Networks announced an agreement with Consorcio Fútbol to commercialize the advertising spaces during the broadcasts of the first division of Peruvian soccer tournament, which is available through pay TV channel Gol Perú.
The agreement will allow the company to commercialize the advertising of all the matches of the tournament, called Copa Movistar, and all the programming of Gol Perú, explained in a statement José del Valle, CEO of Telefónica Media Networks. “There are more than 200 matches per year and news shows about the tournament, which offer content that is highly appreciated by the audience and very attractive to advertisers,” the executive added.
The Gol Perú channel belongs to Consorcio Fútbol Perú, an alliance formed by companies GolTV and Media Networks. The channel is available in Movistar Peru lineup (channel 14 in SD and 714 in HD).
Telefónica Media Networks is also working as ad sales representative with other TV channels’ groups such as Turner, Televisa, A&E Olé, AMC and Viacom, and its original networks: Movistar Deportes, Movistar Plus, Movistar Música and Movistar Series.