Telecom continues to increase its pay TV subscribers base and strengthens gaming and esports content on Flow

As part of Q2 2021 results presentation, the telecommunications company Telecom Argentina reported a total of 3,545 million subscribers to its pay TV offer. The figure shows a 1.3% annual growth on the base (45 thousand net additions), which it has managed to  keep during 2021, since, in relation to Q1 2021, Telecom added 25 thousand new subscribers to its TV offer, and went from 3,520 million to 3,545 million subscribers.

In addition, according to Telecom, the monthly ARPU of its TV offer during the first half of 2021 reached AR $ 1,586.9 (around USD 16.3). Another information mentioned is that more than 10% of the company’s pay TV subscriber base has premium offers, and a similar percentage has the Pack Futbol, which broadcasts the matches of the Argentine FootballLeague, through the Fox Sports Premium and TNT Sports premium channels. In turn, the average monthly churn for the period was 1%.

In turn, during Q2 2021, the company continued working on its plan to consolidate its Flow platform, developing content and adding new national and international productions, that provide customers with ‘a quality multiplatform experience’. This way, Telecom emphasized its efforts related to gaming content, in which it continued to consolidate esports as an entertainment and local consumption offer. As an example, last April, the Opening of the Liga Master Flow and the Unity League Flow was broadcast live.

Telecom also reported having ended Q2 2021 with 21,439 million customers in its mobile business, of which 19,256 million belong to Personal (Argentina) and 2,184 million to Nucleo (Paraguay). Likewise, during Q2 2021, the new WiFi Pass service was launched through the Personal and Fibertel brands, which is defined by Telecom as ‘a delocalized connectivity initiative, which allows Personal customers who have Fibertel service to activate gigas for exclusive use for free, to share the internet from their mobile phones with any other device, without consuming data from their original plan’.

On the other hand, as of June 30th, Telecom’s broadband accesses totaled around 4.2 million. During the first half of the year, the broadband ARPU was valued at AR $ 1,442.3 (USD 15), while the monthly churn for the period was 1.5%. In addition, around 76% of broadband clients had, at the end of the first half of the year, a service of 20mb or more.