Telecom Argentina is seeking to offer IPTV, broadband and telephony triple play via FTTH


The telephony and broadband company Telecom Argentina will boost investments to offer IPTV, broadband and telephony services through a fiber to the home (FTTH) network, announced the CEO of the Mexican investment firm Fintech Advisory Limited, David Martinez, which recently acquired the company from Telecom Italy.


“What we want in telecommunications in the end is to be able to provide triple play through a competitive fixed network”, said Martinez to the Argentine newspaper La Nacion. “We are investing in a fixed network to create a scenario for the company to give an OTT service for users of Arnet (broadband) and Personal (mobile), but also on other operators’ networks.”


Despite not being able to offer television, Telecom already offers Video On Demand (VOD) through its OTTs Arnet Play and Personal Video, through Qubit’s platform. The company intends to offer linear live channels in the short to medium term through these platforms, and the idea is that they should be accessed through other internet providers. By presidential decree, phone companies must wait until at least 2018 before they can enter the Pay-TV market.


Regarding rumors about a possible link between Telecom and Pay-TV operator Cablevision (Clarin Group), company which Fintech owns 40% (but only 14% of its control), Martinez said that “there are many synergies between the two” and that, if a context in which other large companies began to concentrate, it would “make a lot of sense to merge” although “it would have to be seen if it was allowed by the competence authorities”. For the time being, “Telecom and Cablevision will be managed independently as the competitors they are”.