Telecom Argentina prioritizes Docsis over copper


During a press conference held within the framework of the 2018 International Telecommunications Seminar (SIT in Spanish), Telecom Argentina’s CTO, Miguel Fernández, said that the new company will use Cablevisión’s HFC network – and Docsis technology – in those cities where it overlaps with Telecom’s copper network.
“It is a city-to-city strategy, where there is an overlap of HFC and copper networks, the decision has been for the HFC network to continue,” said the executive. “The former Cablevisión had been making investments and had a strategy in that sense, now that strategy is accelerating,” he added.
Fernandez clarified that, in places where there is only copper network, the company will begin to deploy FTTH. For example, in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán (in northern Argentina), where Cablevisión did not operate, the company will continue with the fiber deployment that Telecom had started before the merger, the executive explained.
Fernández told NexTV News Latam that, for the moment, there will be no change in the brands used for services, especially since some approvals (related to the merger) are still missing. The executive said that “the only change that could happen is in the broadband business”, as the company offers the service through Fibertel (cablemodem) and Arnet (ADSL) “The first change that will be seen is that maybe there will be more talk about Fibertel and less about Arnet.”
This is not the first time that an ILEC operator decides to focus on cable modem over ADSL in the region. This strategy, for example, was used by América Móvil in Central America, and by Telefónica in Peru.
Telecom plans to invest USD 5 billion between 2018 and 2020 to power its infrastructure. Fernández told NexTV News Latam that this year USD 1.5 billion will be invested in three axes on which the product of the new Telecom will be supported: improving the voice and mobile data service of Personal, improving the capacity of the Fibertel network and continuing to work in the Flow multi-screen service.
The merger between Telecom Argentina and Cablevisión, the largest pay TV operator in the country, was announced in June 2017. The operation was approved by the National Communications Agency (Enacom) but the approval of the National Commission of Competition Defense of Argentina (CNDC) is still pending.