Telecom Argentina expects to expand its business to Uruguay according to changes in the country’s telecommunications regulations

Telecommunications company Telecom Argentina aims to expand its business in Uruguay, although it expects to do so if changes are implemented in the country’s  telecommunications regulations. The information, as reported in several specialized websites, was reported by Telecom’s CEO, Roberto Nobile, during the last conference on the company’s Q4 2020 results.

‘The idea of ​​expanding our businesses outside Argentina is in force, but we analyze the possibilities, because there are still some things that the Uruguayan Government needs to solve’, reported the executive, and later added that from the company it is necessary to ‘understand how the new public policy will emerge, the new legal framework for the industry’.

In 2020, Uruguayan President, Luis Lacalle Pou, presented an initiative to make changes in the country’s telecommunications legislation. In Uruguay, the offer of mobile and fixed telephony, internet and pay TV packages by an operator is not allowed. In the country, telco Antel concentrates internet and fixed telephony offers, and operators cannot offer all of their services through their own networks. In the case of Telecom Argentina, the company provides pay TV services through the ‘Cablevision’ brand.

Towards the end of 2020, Telecom executives met with the Uruguayan Government, and expressed their intentions to increase their investments in the country. In addition, several specialized websites reported that one of Telecom’s purposes is to acquire the Movistar (Telefonica) subsidiary in the country, where it offers mobile phone and internet offers. In addition, also at the end of 2020, Gabriel Gurmendez, President at Antel, presented an initiative for the Media Law available in Uruguay to be modified, with the aim that pay TV operators can offer internet using their own networks.