Telcel launches new plans with Netflix and Claro Video included

Mexican telecommunications company Telcel (America Movil) announced the launch of new packages with the Netflix subscription included, which it called ‘Max Play’. Apart from Netflix, the company’s customers will also have free access to Claro Video. Plans include a promotion with double GBs; in addition to minutes, unlimited SMS and access to different social networks in Mexico.

According to the information reported by the company, the available plans are called ‘Max Play Basic’, which provides access to Netflix on a single screen; unlimited use of WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter; unlimited minutes and SMS and 1.2 GB of internet with the same additional GB amount for free, for MX $ 379 (USD 17) per month. Telcel also offers the Max Play Standard 1 plan for MX $ 529 (USD 24), which enables Netflix to be accessed on two screens, and increases the amount of GB to 2.2, with the same amount of additional GB, and also offering the benefits mentioned in the Max Play Basic plan.

The Max Play Standard 2 plan adds unlimited access to Snapchat, Instagram and Uber as well, and offers 5.5 GB of internet with the same additional GBs amount, for a MX $ 779 (USD 35) monthly subscription. In addition, Telcel offers the Max Play Premium 1 plan, which increases access to Netflix on up to four screens, and the number of GB to 7.5, with the same number of additional GB at no cost. The value of the subscription is MX $ 969 (USD 44) per month. In turn, the Max Play Premium 2 plan offers the same benefits as the Max Play Premium 1, but with 10.5 GB of internet, for a monthly value of MX $ 1,169 (USD 52).