TCC to develop new device with Android TV

With the aim of continuing strengthening its strategic model for generating its own technology platforms for content distribution, Uruguayan pay TV operator TCC announced that it will launch an Android TV device, which will combine cable content with streaming and VOD.

According to what TCC has officially reported, its new solution will allow it to offer a service that combines cable TV and streaming networks with VOD. They also indicated that the device to be developed will become attractive due to the quality of the user experience, the ease of discovering more content within the platform, and the ability to introduce new businesses related to consumption. In addition,  from the operator they said that it will offer the solution to its clients and other operators in the region, who will be able to integrate it into its offer.

The project is supported by the National Research and Innovation Agency (ANII), which will develop and implement the device through the incentive program for innovative projects by national companies in Uruguay.