TCC promotes its online platform

Uruguayan pay TV operator TCC launched a new multimedia campaign – “TCC Vivo, el tiempo es tuyo” – to promote its online platform. According to the company, more than 20% of customers are using the TCC Vivo service, and that percentage has been “growing strongly”.
Users of TCC Vivo watch an average of 10 contents per month, through different devices: PCs, smartphones, tablet and set-top box connected to the internet. Among the most watched series of the last three months are “Game of Thrones” (HBO), “The Walking Dead” (Fox), “Homeland” (Fox), “Quién se robó mi vida?” (Channel 10) and “Masterchef” (Channel 10).
In turn, national content also has a high consumption value, while movies and children’s content have shown an important growth in the consumption composition of the platform.
The company also highlighted the consumption of live sports content such as the Champions League, Europa League and Copa Libertadores on mobile devices. Live events show the highest levels of consumption, especially during office hours. This will have an impact during the World Cup, since the majority of matches will be played during working hours.
TCC CEO, Javier Ruete, will participate in the next edition of NexTV Series Argentina, the leading conference organized by Dataxis, which will take place on May 16 and 17 in Buenos Aires.