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Aruanas arrives at Brazil to generate environmental awareness

Aruanas, title of the new production between the Brazilian Globo Group and the company Maria Farinha Filmes, inspired by real events related to the global environmental crisis ant the work developed by activists to protect the planet, will be launched globally in more than 150 countries next July 2nd. Its first season will last 10 [...]

UMW takes Globo films to VOD platforms

Digital integrator Under the Milky Way (UMW) will distribute seven new Globo Filmes films in more than ten of the main global VOD download platforms (Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Playstation Vue and Xbox, among others) in 70 english and spanish-speaking countries -including Latin America-, for which UMW acts as a catalog and programming provider. We [...]

Vimeo adds HDR support

Vimeo announced that it has added support for both HDR videos and resolutions as high as 8K. This way, all members who shoot or master HDR footage can upload those videos to Vimeo. In a blog post, the company said that HDR support includes Apples latest devices – including the iPhone X, iPad Pro, and [...]

Vimeo acquires Livestream, launches new streaming service

Vimeo announced that it has agreed to acquire Livestream and is launching a new service called Vimeo Live. Following completion of the acquisition, Livestream’s offering will be integrated with Vimeo to empower creators to capture, edit, stream, and archive live events, as well as host, distribute and monetize videos, the company explained in a press [...]

Vimeo bought video services platform VHX

  American Video On Demand (VOD) service Vimeo (InterActiveCorp) announced through a press release that it had acquired the digital video platform VHX, which enables artists and independent distributors to sell video content and connect directly with their audience from its own website.   VHX provides design, social network integration, search engine optimization and analysis [...]

Vimeo was added to Roku’s digital platform supply

  US online video platform Vimeo (InterActiveCorp) was added to the supply of Rokus digital platforms, the video player of US origin available in Latin America so far only in Mexico. It recently announced through a press release that it will increase as of April 8th its commitment to the production of original content through [...]

Vimeo increases its commitment to original content

  US online video platform Vimeo (InterActiveCorp) announced through a press release that it will increase its bet on producing its own content through their Vimeo Originals division. The site has no advertising and works as a social network, accessible to all Latin America.   With this, Vimeo deploys a strategy that adds to a [...]