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Yahoo and Pluto TV join forces to sell advertising space in Latin America

Yahoo reached an agreement with ViacomCBS to integrate the Pluto TV catalogue into its SSP platform in Latin America, with the aim of monetizing IPTV commercial spaces and offering them to advertisers working in the company’s advertising ecosystem. We are working with Pluto TV, committed to contributing to the growth of the service through our [...]

ViacomCBS to launch PlutoTV in Sweden, Denmark and Norway in 2022

ViacomCBS Networks International announced that it will launch its Pluto TV platform in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, after closing a partnership with Nordic Entertainment Group, the regional company that will be in charge of advertising sales in the app. As revealed by the alliance, the service will arrive in the countries in 2022, although there [...]

ViacomCBS completed the acquisition of Fox TeleColombia & Estudios TeleMéxico

ViacomCBS announced that it has completed the purchase process of Fox Telecolombia & Estudios TeleMéxico, which until then were owned by The Walt Disney Company. From now on, both divisions will be under the control of ViacomCBS International Studios and Networks Americas. At the end of last October, the company revealed that it had reached [...]

NBCUniversal and ViacomCBS join forces to boost advertising sales of their channels in Latin America

NBCUniversal International Networks & DTC Latin America (NBCU & DTC) and ViacomCBS Networks Americas reached an agreement to represent the advertising sales of their open TV channels, pay TV, and their respective streaming platforms. In this way, advertisers will be able to have a greater reach and provide better service, according to the companies. The [...]

Pluto TV adds more channels in spanish and portuguese for Latin America

Pluto TV, the ViacomCBS platform, has added five new channels available for the 17 Spanish speaking countries in Latin America, as well as four others in Portuguese for the Brazilian audience. Despite having surpassed 100 channels in Spanish and 50 for Brazil by mid September, the IPTV continues to expand its content catalogue in the [...]

ViacomCBS agrees with Disney majority stake in Fox TeleColombia & Estudios TeleMéxico

The audiovisual entertainment company ViacomCBS Networks International reached an agreement with The Walt Disney Company to acquire a majority stake in Fox Telecolombia & Estudios TeleMéxico. From now on, the company will be able to be part of the production and distribution of content in Spanish in both countries, and thus expand its offer to [...]

Paramount Plus prepares launch in Europe after expanding in Latin America

After having completed its expansion in Latin America, Australia, Canada and the Nordic countries, the Paramount Plus streaming platform is preparing its launch in Europe, where it anticipates that the competition will be harder due to the large number of distribution channels that exist in the region. ViacomCBS OTT reached several Latin American countries thanks [...]

ViacomCBS completed the purchase of Chilevisión from WarnerMedia

ViacomCBS Networks International announced the end of the purchase process for Chilevisión, the most watched channel in Chile in 2021, previously owned by WarnerMedia. The agreement also includes the acquisition of the complete content catalogue as well as its total production capacity. Compared to 2020, the leading open TV signal increased 8.3 points in home [...]

Paramount Plus offers half-price annual package in Brazil

The streaming platform Paramount Plus launched an exclusive promotion for subscribers in Brazil, offering a 50% discount on its annual package. Those who sign up or switch to the plan from their current account before October 1 will be able to access all the content at a price of USD 19. In addition, from ViacomCBS [...]