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US Democrat congressmen spokes against WarnerMedia-Discovery merger

A group of more than 30 members of the United States Congress spoke out against the merger process between WarnerMedia and Discovery, and requested through a letter that the approval of the transaction, valued at USD 43 billion, must be carried out more rigorously by regulatory entities. “In particular, the merger threatens to increase the [...]

Netflix and HBO Max have the largest offer in Spanish according to Reelgood study

Netflix and HBO Max are the platforms with the largest Spanish offer in the United States among the five largest OTTs, according to a study carried out by the streaming guide Reelgood. Furthermore, the analysis found that the Latin market in North America is fragmented but has one of the fastest growing demographics in the [...]

South American movie “Fever Dream” is the most watched on Netflix in the United States

“Fever Dream“, the South American Netflix film directed by Peruvian Claudia Llosa and co-written and based on the novel by Argentinian Samanta Schweblin, led the platform’s top 10 in the United States and became the most watched in the country. Meanwhile, it didnt have the same success in Latin America, where, for example, it barely [...]