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TSTT of Trinidad and Tobago in a large job cuts

IPTV, Internet and telephony operator TSTT of Trinidad and Tobago announced the dismissal of 503 unionized workers. This means a “turning point” for the company, said CEO Ronald Walcott, who considered this measure “vital to the survival of the company.” The job cuts will not end here, since it is estimated that the next layoffs [...]

Amplia selects Zappware to offer TVaaS across the Caribbean

Amplia Communications has announced a partnership with Zappware to deliver a multitenant digital TV solution serving The Caribbean region. Amplia will revamp its TV platform in Trinidad & Tobago and leverage that deployment launching TV as a Service (TVaaS) towards regional service providers. Amplia, formerly Massy Communications, offers services through its GPON FTTH network. In [...]

TSTT obtains loan to roll out broadband strategic plan

State-controlled telecommunications company TSTT of Trinidad and Tobago announced that it obtained a USD 293 loan to fund its USD 542 strategic plan to roll out broadband technology and infrastructure. TSTT obtained the loan after entering into an agreement with Republic Bank. We are going to transform ourselves from being a 20th century traditional telecom [...]

El OTT especializado en Bollywood YuppTV ingresa a Surinam y a Trinidad y TobagoBollywood focused OTT YuppTV reaches Surinam and Trinidad & Tobago

La plataforma OTT YuppTV (de Global Takeoff) inició su estrategia de expansión en Latinoamérica al firmar acuerdos con los operadores estatales de telecomunicaciones Telesur de Surinam y TSTT de Trinidad y Tobago. El catálogo del servicio ofrece series, películas y canales en vivo de Asia y se especializa en tener títulos de Bollywood (cine de [...]

Cable & Wireless busca comprador del 49% de TSTT de Trinidad y TobagoCable & Wireless looking to sell 49% of Trinidad and Tobago’s TSTT

La compañía de telecomunicaciones Cable & Wireless está buscando un inversor que adquiera el 49% de la empresa Servicios de Telecomunicaciones de Trinidad y Tobago (TSTT), la cual presta servicios de TV paga (IPTV), Internet y telefonía fija y móvil en ese país. El otro 51% pertenece al gobierno de Trinidad y Tobago, el cual [...]