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Cuba moves forward to the analog blackout implementation

With a 70% of the population now accessing to digital TV and more than 2.2 million distributed STBs, Cuba is moving forward tro the analog blackout, which is prevented to be implemented in 2023 in the Caribbean country. However, there are limitations on which we must work before facing the last digital TV deployment step, [...]

Japan tries to hurry analog blackout in Chile

A Japanese delegation will be deployed this week in Santiago de Chile to take part of the conference  “Towards the Digital Terrestrial Television switched-on “, organized by the National Television Council (CNTV), the Japanese Embassy  and the Chilean Communication Sub Secretary ( Subtel). Japanese delegation proposes to promote digital TV in that country, to carry [...]

Nicaragua to reach 90% DTT coverage by 2020

Nicaragua carried out last week the first digital terrestrial TV trial through channel 6, using a transmitter donated by Japan. According to the director of the Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Postal Services (Telcor), Orlando Castillo, DTT coverage is expected to reach 90% of the country by 2020. The director of channel 6, Aaron Peralta, [...]

NexTV Series, the leading conference on the future of TV, comes to Mexico

Tomorrow begins NexTV Series Mexico & Central America 2016, the most important conference on TV, OTT and digital media in Mexico. For two days, October 4 & 5, the major players in the market will gather to debate the pay TV transformation to TV Everywhere, the online video strategies of MCNs and social networks, and the [...]

Argentina withdraws its shares in the Venezuelan TV channel Telesur

  The Government of Argentina announced that it initiated the proceedings to withdraw its 16% stake in the public TV network Telesur of Venezuela, controlled by the Chavista state, as reported by the main local media.   Telesur will no longer be issued by the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTD) system of Argentina and will no [...]

TVN of Chile launched contest to add HD signals for nationwide DTT

  National Television (TVN) of Chile is leading on behalf of some Free-to-Air TV channels the start of the open contest to distribute new signals in high-definition for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). Selected channels will be able to hire remaining satellite capacity to offer services nationwide.   The contest, which started on February 7th, complies [...]

Brazil began its analog switch-off of three TV stations in Rio Verde

Brazil began the last minute of February 15th the transition process to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) with the pilot test of the analog switch-off of three TV stations in county of Rio Verde, in the Goias State. The stations involved were TV Cancao Nova, Record News and Rede Vida, and by the end of the [...]

Paraguay iniciará apagón analógico en 2016Paraguay to start its digital switch-off in 2016

La Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Conatel) de Paraguay anunció que ese país comenzará con la transición del sistema de televisión analógico al digital a partir de 2016, según las palabras de su Titular interina, Teresita Palacios. En el marco del evento Transición de la radiodifusión analógica a la radiodifusión digital organizado por la Conatel con [...]

Ecuador firmó acuerdo con Japón para el desarrollo de TDT Ecuador signed an agreement with Japan for the development of DTT

El Gobierno de Ecuador firmó un acuerdo de cooperación financiera con la Agencia de Cooperación Internacional de Japón (Jica) por USD 700.000, no reembolsables, para el desarrollo de los servicios de Televisión Digital Terrestre (TDT) en el país andino. El acuerdo para el Proyecto para el Mejoramiento de Equipos para la Capacitación de la TDT [...]

MVS de México no descarta ir por TV abierta pero prioriza TV pagaMVS from Mexico does not discard going for Free-To-Air TV but prioritizes Pay-TV

La compañía de medios MVS Comunicaciones de México, dueño del 51% de la empresa de DTH Dish y operador de siete canales de TV por suscripción, aseguró que no descartan incursionar en la licitación de canales de TV abierta aunque definieron que su prioridad es la TV paga. Además, analizan una asociación público-privada en conjunto [...]