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Venezuelan Government to order price adjustments for pay TV companies

Venezuelan Socio Economic Rights Defense National Superintendency (Sundde)  issued a preventive measure to adjust prices to pay TV companies for alleged speculation crime. The action took place in response to subscribers complaints, who expressed their dissatisfaction with plans fee increments, service failures and other reasons, according to what Sundde reported officially. Pay TV companies reported [...]

Conatel calls on pay TV companies to provide quality services

The National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) of Venezuela is holding meetings with pay TV companies to monitor and evaluate the service they provide at the national level. The regulator said on its website that CANTV has already attended its meeting, as well as executives of SuperCable, while Intercable was called for next week. In the case [...]

Colombian pay TV operator Supercable adds Caracol HD

Supercable became the first pay TV operator in reaching an agreement with Caracol to offer Caracols HD channel on its lineup, El Espectador newspaper reported. The announcement came after the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) ordered pay TV operators to refrain from broadcasting RCN and Caracol channels without prior authorization.   Currently, the Caracol HD [...]

Supercable de Colombia puso en venta su operaciónColombia's Supercable to sell its operation

La compañía de telecomunicaciones Supercable de Colombia colocó en venta su operación, la cual incluye la red de HFC, equipos de telecomunicaciones, una sede, vehículos y elementos de oficina. Según le explicaron a NexTV Latam desde la compañía, los usuarios seguirían recibiendo la misma prestación de TV paga y no se verían perjudicados. No obstante, [...]