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Roman Guasch: ‘Pay TV has a way to go, and it must find the content in favour of user retention’

This Tuesday, October 27th, Dataxis developed a new virtual panel, entitled ‘Content is King; user experience (UX) is the Queen. The event was sponsored by Zappware and it was held to discuss issues related to the integration of OTT platforms and content discovery in pay TV, and other related topics. The expert executives gathered to [...]

Dataxis to debate on the new pay TV era through a new virtual panel

Going on with the development of virtual panels aimed at debating different topics related to the industry, Dataxis will hold this coming Wednesday, October 27th at 1:00 PM (ART) a new panel, entitled Content is King, UX is the Queen. The event will be sponsored by Zappware and will be focused on debating topics related [...]

Turner joins Lima 2019 Pan American Games broadcasts in Chile

The company Turner Chile confirmed that it will broadcast Lima 2019 Pan American Games, which will take place from July 26th to August 11th. The event can be watched throughout Chile on Chilevision, CNN Chile and Chilean Football Channel (CDF)s screens. Movistar TV will also broadcast the sports event on pay TV through its exclusive [...]