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Netflix raises it prices in Mexico again from May

Through personalized emails, Netflix is reminding its already registered subscribers that, from their next billing date, monthly subscription cost  will rise. In March, the OTT had announced that it would update its prices, but the measure was applied only to new subscribers. New  subscriptions values for Mexicans establish that the Basic plan goes from USD [...]

Netflix to increase its subscription prices in Mexico and Brazil

Netflix informed that it will modify its monthly subscriptions rate to all its clients in Mexico and Brazil. Both countries had not been affected by increases in the OTT subscriptions that were announced in more than 40  Latin American countries and the United States. New prices are ruled from Thursday, March 14th. According to what [...]

Netflix does not increase it prices in Colombia either

Following the same exception from Mexico and Brazil, prince increases that Netflix recently announced for the Americas will also not affect Colombia, one of the countries with the lower Pay TV ARPU in Latin America. According to a Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) report, increases will contribute to the payment of the original productions [...]