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Another 15 Uruguayan operators could claim compensations as Multiseñal

After the contract in which the Uruguayan Government agreed to pay USD 2.5 million to Multiseñal for it to abandon the 2.5 Ghz frequency, the other 15 operators in the country that operate in the same band could file a lawsuit or demand payment of the corresponding millions, as announced by Gustavo Gómez, executive director [...]

Uruguayan MMDS Multiseñal will give up their 2.5 Ghz band

Multicanal S.A., the company owner of the Uruguayan pay TV service Multiseñal, arranged with the countrys government that they will give up their 2.5 Ghz frequency band, which had been assigned to broadcast their MMDS signal. Meanwhile, the State compromised to pay them USD 2.5 million to avoid a presume trial.  In 2011, Uruguays government [...]